WorldWide Compliance RoadMap

Learn about the latest trends in global electronic invoicing and VAT compliance in 2021.

North America, Europe, Asia - Pacific RoadMaps

Our experts analyze the coming changes and how to prepare your company to adapt to them. Check out the different roadmaps by region.


North America Overview

We analyze the status of digital transformation in the U.S. business sector, and related regulations. Will the B2G e-invoicing project in the U.S. see the light of day next year? What changes and new developments are planned for this year in terms of compliance? Find all the answers by clicking on the link.


Europe Overview

Many European countries are in the process of digitizing their tax systems with the electronic accounting declarations. Following the widescale implementation of B2G electronic invoicing, multiple EU countries have announced their intention to extend this obligation to private companies. We explore what these changes are, and their expected implementation dates.

Asia - Pacífico

Asia Pacific Overview

Without a doubt, the Asia-Pacific region is experiencing an unprecedented digital revolution. Major Asian economies such as China and India have begun to digitize tax processes using electronic invoicing. Given the volume of business transactions and companies active in the region, these new policies will have a real impact on the global market. We analyze the main tax digitalization projects in APAC this year.

Latinamerica Compliance RoadMaps

Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean are set to see their digital economies boosted by progress in e-compliance projects. Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Panama, and El Salvador will make the biggest changes by introducing new e-invoicing requirements this year. We analyze all the new requirements with our managers in the region.

The Southern Cone region of South America is a pioneer in the use of electronic invoicing, with Chile and Argentina being among the first countries to complete implementation. The accelerated pace of digital transformation has led governments to introduce new e-government policies that automate transactions between citizens and government. We explain the implication of such policies for businesses.

The Andean Region, led by Colombia, will experience an important evolution in its e-governance policies this year. Colombia will launch electronic payroll and point-of-sale invoice automation projects, among other innovations. Peru also stands out for introducing important changes to its electronic invoicing system. We clarify all the details about the new compliance obligations in the region.

Brazil remains at the forefront of digital tax processes with the incorporation of new electronic tax documents to its invoicing system. These documents include the NF3-e, NFCom, and changes to the NF-e that will take effect in 2021. We lay out the implementation schedule for the new requirements.

EDICOM Calendar e-Invoicing and VAT compliance Deadlines

Stay ahead of the key dates for rollout of tax and e-invoicing obligations around the world.

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